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The body requires the proper materials for building a strong healthy you. We advise a low fat diet, more chicken and fish baked or grilled, less beef, pork, and fried foods.

Include all the fresh vegetables and fruits you like, you can't get enough.

Minimize, or take the leap and eliminate, salt and sugar in your diet. Utilize honey and herbs and spices to sweeten and season.

Use less preserved, prepared, canned, and frozen foods as their vitality and nutrition are reduced. Read labels and avoid chemical additives that color or lengthen shelf life.

Due to our farming methods and natural erosion, our soil, and therefore what we grow, lacks many needed minerals and trace elements necessary for good health. Consider taking a multi-vitamin and mineral complex and be sure it is derived from natural organic sources, not produced chemically in the laboratory.



Recent research shows that many if not most of us are living with a sleep deficit. The ill effects on our health and well being are serious and too numerous to list here.

We need at least seven hours of sleep a night for mental and physical health. Turn off that computer, TV, stereo, or video and get to bed earlier.

You'll be surprised how good you feel!



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