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Exercise relieves stress through activity. Stretching and strengthening exercises combine to balance the strength and tone of the muscles and ligaments. The muscles and ligaments are the supporting structures of the spine, so fitness benefits spinal health and subluxations may be less frequent.

Each of you who is a trauma patient will receive exercises to strengthen the injured spinal areas as your treatment progresses and your condition allows.

Those of you with chronic or degenerative conditions will also be encouraged to exercise.

For older patients the Aquacise program at the YMCA is recommended. Low back patients however, should avoid any exercises involving twisting of the hips or torso.

Yoga is an excellent exercise technique for stretching and is also taught at the Y. There are numerous popular fitness programs available for group participation or on video, many of which combine yoga and aerobics or crossover (for any sport) strengthening and stretching exercises which may be referred to as warm up and cool down exercises.

Please take note that step aerobics and jogging or running are hard on all the weight bearing joints, including the spine, due to the compression of the joints from repeated impact with the floor or ground.

Almost everyone can walk. Start at your own pace. Slowly, over the weeks, increase the distance and speed of your walk. Close your hands and swing your arms to relieve tension in your neck, shoulders, and mid back. Breathe deeply. Walk with a friend, family member, or pet to further reduce stress. Ride a bike, play golf, but do something!



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