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Rubber mat — If you stand behind a counter or at a cash register can cushion the feet reducing stress on the legs and spine.

One foot up — When standing it's best to spread the feet at shoulder width and put equal weight on each foot. However, with extended standing if there is a cabinet bottom or ledge behind the counter where you stand, you can temporarily put one foot up on the ledge, switching feet from time to time and also standing on both feet evenly, to reduce stress to the low back.

Rise on toes — With your feet at shoulder width and your weight placed evenly on each foot, slowly rise on your toes lifting your heels from the floor. This will contract the muscles of the leg which will not only exercise the muscles but will facilitate the return of the blood to your heart.

Flat footed squat- If struck by a back pain or spasm in the low back with extended standing, put your feet at shoulder width, bend your knees, squat down to the floor rocking back on your heels and find the center of gravity. You should experience relief.



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